At Brent Charolais, we may sell Bulls, but we understand it’s really about helping customer’s source genetic tools to drive the profitability of their cowherd, and improve their bottom line.  While traits like improved pay weight, efficiency, and lean muscle yield may be hallmarks of the Charolais breed, we haven’t lost sight of the fact that calving ease, docile temperaments, and moderate cattle with low input requirements never go outof style.

In order to achieve these goals we believe it starts with the cow.  A herd of them in fact, all home raised for generations.  By placing strict standards on the cow for mature size, production ability, and maintenance requirements (both input AND management), the foundation for genetic enhancement is formed.  We then combine that with a whole herd Artificial Insemination program, utilizing breed-leading sires that excel in multiple trait production.  Utilizing these tools, combined with a no nonsense culling approach, we continually strive to bring customers only the best, that truly measure up.